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Anaheim, CA, 92801
ph: (714) 822-3354 fax: (714) 864-3252

Serving the Professional Real Estate Community
Every year the requirements of a career in real estate demand more from you in order to succeed. We are becoming more and more specialized in what we do, therefore it is almost impossible to spend time monitoring the various participants of a transaction and do what it takes to be successful. You must be able to completely rely on the organization your refer your clients to.

  • JLM understands your need to trust the firms you direct your clients to and rewards your trust every time.
  • JLM puts your Client's needs first and foremost.
  • JLM keeps you informed on the process and assists in whatever way you may need help.
  • JLM is a Service business and excellent service is the reason behind our success.

To contact a JLM representative call: 800.707.1031
or e-mail us at:

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